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Chris Morris Counselling MSW RSW

After participating in a treatment program, engagement with medical clinics, and community supports, Aiden found renewed hope in his association with Chris Morris Counselling. Perhaps Aiden could see himself in Chris, someone who had been in a similar place and who understood where he was coming from and where he wanted to go. Chris has extensive experience working with people who are ready to make changes in their lives and a vast support network that can be activated to meet needs unique to each person.

"I entered the addiction field over twenty years ago after achieving and maintaining solid stability with my own relationship with substances, underpinned by mental health challenges and other issues that usually drive drinking and drug problems.

My own lived experience coupled with years of education and clinical practice is precisely why Aiden and many others have made meaningful connections with me. I firmly believe that connection is at the heart of any counselling or psychotherapy work. 

I am honoured to work with Aiden's family in making treatment accessible to people who are struggling with substance use disorders." - Chris Morris

Chris Morris is an Addiction and Mental Health professional located in the Greater Toronto area. His specialties are Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Recovery Model Mental Health, Humanistic Psychology, Critical Social Work, CBT, Trauma-Informed Practice, Lawyers and Health Care Professionals with substance and mental health concerns, Military Members, and First Responders. He works from an anti-oppressive and a feminist-informed lens.

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